Dr. Alexis Colvin chimes in on Stephen Curry’s knee sprain

OAKLAND, Calif. — Andy Dolich, a former president of the Golden State Warriors and a longtime pro sports executive, paid a visit to his neighborhood Starbucks on Monday morning, and before he could even order his coffee, the barista hit him with an important question: How long?

“And I knew exactly what he was talking about,” Dolich said.

How long would Golden State’s high-scoring star Stephen Curry be sidelined by his injured knee? That was the question that loomed over the Bay Area like a toxic cloud, from the moment Curry slipped and fell Sunday afternoon in a first-round playoff game against the Houston Rockets until Monday afternoon, when he had a magnetic resonance imaging test.

“Probably the most eagerly awaited M.R.I. in Bay Area sports history,” Dolich said. “I couldn’t believe how many people had become orthopedic surgeons in the last 14 hours.”

The team announced that Curry, perhaps the most dynamic player in the league, would likely miss at least the next two weeks of the playoffs with a Grade 1 sprain in his right knee.

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“It’s definitely one of the better diagnoses to have because he’s not going to need any surgery for it and he can really be expected to make a full recovery within a few weeks,” said Dr. Alexis Colvin, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

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