Dr Alexis Colvin talks about Jacoby Ellsbury’s LCL injury

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This much is certain: Jacoby Ellsbury won’t play for at least 15 days, and he won’t need surgery.

Beyond that, even the Yankees’ center fielder is in the dark as to how much time he’ll miss due to the knee injury he suffered Tuesday night in Washington.

“They literally haven’t told me anything,” Ellsbury said Wednesday. “They put me in a brace and I’ve just been doing treatment all day.”

That leaves a lot of uncertainty for the $153 million speedster, who leads the Yankees in batting average and stolen bases. Ellsbury makes his living with his legs, so the Yankees are playing it cautiously until he sees the team’s doctor Friday in New York.

Manager Joe Girardi, at least, said Ellsbury injured the ligament on the outside of his right knee, the lateral collateral ligament, and that the team hopes he isn’t gone too long.

“This is not doom and gloom, it’s just hard to predict,” Girardi said. “We want him to see our doctors. This is a guy who’s running all over the place. He’ll be ready when he’s ready, and hopefully it won’t be too long.”

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