Dr. Alexis Colvin writes about staying fit and injury-free in the winter

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For orthopedic surgeons like me, winter is the season for sports injuries, especially to the crucial ligaments that support the knee. So now is the time to think about how to stay fit and healthy, whether on the ski slopes or just when shoveling your stoop or driveway.

Performing any type of exercise in cold weather puts more strain on the body. That’s part of the reason skiers are so injury-prone. But even among cold-weather sports, skiing places intense demands on the body. Over the years, I’ve found that a few factors often contribute to injuries:

The first common factor is falling out of skiing shape, or out of shape in general. After all, most skiers will spend the majority of the year not skiing, so it is important to build strength, endurance, and flexibility before hitting the slopes.

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