Dr. Colvin discusses platelet rich plasma

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Chris Canty had no problem hearing about the treatment. After undergoing a number of procedures in his career, listening to doctors talk about platelet-rich plasma therapy as an option for his hamstring injury didn’t phase him at all. If anything, he was excited about the possibility of a prompt return to the field.
Then it came time for it to happen.

“I was a little squeamish when I saw the tube of blood they took out of me,” Canty said Wednesday. “That thing was huge. That was the worst part.”
On Monday Canty underwent the procedure to aid a slow-healing hamstring injury that has had him sidelined since the first week of August. By Wednesday he was doing some running and jogging on the sideline while the rest of the team practiced. While he’s not close to returning to the field, Canty is thrilled by the results he has seen in 48 hours.

“It felt pretty good,” Canty said of his hamstring after the test drive. “Obviously Monday’s treatment was a step in the right direction.”

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