Dr. Colvin talks about jumping roping for exercise

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Peter Nestler, who jumps rope for a living, recently executed an extended double dutch sequence for Adam Sandler’s next movie, “Jack and Jill,” as Mr. Sandler’s stand-in. When he was finished, Katie Holmes, the film’s co-star, approached Mr. Nestler, he said, and told him it was the most amazing thing she’d ever seen.

I know the feeling. I jump rope out on the street in Astoria, Queens, for exercise, observed by my coterie of elderly Eastern Europeans.

“When’s the fight?” one asked recently.

Traditionally the turf of the boxing ring and schoolyard, jumping rope is nearly perfect exercise in terms of conditioning, cost-benefit and convenience. It’s just you, a rope, a pair of shoes and the ground.

Full article at Wall Street Journal

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