Dr. Colvin talks to the Wall Street Journal about older people running in marathons.

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For Joy Johnson, winning her age group in last year’s ING New York City Marathon was bittersweet. First place was nice, but her time had slipped to seven hours.

“This year I cranked up the training,” says Ms. Johnson, a silver-haired, 81-year-old former Minnesota farm girl from San Jose, Calif., competing in her 21st consecutive New York City Marathon. “I want to die running. That’s my goal.”

Never mind the Kenyans who will battle through Central Park early Sunday afternoon and break the tape of the New York City Marathon in roughly two hours. The most intriguing competition among the 39,000-plus runners should come four hours later in the women’s 80-90-year-old division, the oldest group of women competing this year.

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