Dr. Colvin’s perspective on Sidney Rice’ injury

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With Seattle Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice’s damaged labrum in his shoulder a hot topic this week, I thought it would be good to reach out and talk to someone who could shed some light on how athletes with similar injuries deal with this situation.

So I spoke with Dr. Alexis Colvin, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics with The Mount Sinai Department of Orthopaedics in New York.

Colvin’s expertise is sports medicine. Her clinical and research interests include surgical treatment of knee, shoulder and hip disorders. Dr. Colvin serves as a physician for the United States Tennis Association during the U.S. Open, providing orthopaedic care to elite players, and as served as a physician for the New York City Triathlon.

Now, Dr. Colvin has not examined Rice’s shoulder and does not speak specificly about his injury, but just in general terms of how teams deal with athletes who have a similar injury as Rice does.

Full Q&A Session on The New Tribune

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