Dr. James Gladstone talks about Derek Jeter’s injury

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Derek Jeter’s¬†comeback from the ankle injury he suffered last October stalled Thursday when general manager Brian¬†Cashmanannounced the 38-year-old shortstop has a new fracture related to the original injury. A CT scan revealed a “small fracture” that moved the timetable for Jeter’s return to “sometime after the All-Star break,” according to Cashman.

After experiencing lingering pain in the area of the injury recently, Jeter traveled to Charlotte, N.C., where he underwent a CT scan under the supervision of Dr. Robert Anderson, the operating physician who is managing his recovery. Jeter had been cleared for baseball activity after two previous CT scans showed 100 percent healing, but the third one revealed a new injury.

“This is obviously a setback,” Cashman said. “In terms of speculating on when we might see Derek back with us, we’d be looking at some time after the All-Star break.”

Cashman said the new injury does not require further surgery. “I talked to Dr. Anderson, and he told me 95 percent of the people that have this come back from it fine,” he said.

“This is a new fracture. But a small one. That’s the only good part. They kept saying the word ‘small.’ But it’s a setback, so it’s not a good situation.”

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