The picture of Success – Dr. James Gladstone

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He shrank from the sight of blood and at one point was a bit more European than American. Dr. James Gladstone, Co-Chief of Sports Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, has led an intriguing life indeed.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, to American parents, James Gladstone was accustomed to hearing “Bonjour” and “Gutentag.” “My dad specialized in international labor law and established programs for African and South American countries. My mom, who was American-trained, was the first dental hygienist in Switzerland; she juggled work and bringing up two kids. The school I attended had students from 80 countries, so it was an environment where being broadminded was the norm. After living in Geneva for 18 years I decided that it was time to experience life in the U.S. Although I had always considered myself to be an American and had visited the U.S., I wanted to ‘dig into’ my native culture. The benefit to all of this internationalism? Things that may seem odd to some people just don’t bother me as much. In fact, I feel that having such a broad exposure to different cultures has added an extraordinary dimension to my life.”

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